Happy New Year 2006

New year, new hopes, new goals I am always facinated at this time coz I feel like re-borned. Do u? Feel like doing some crazy things to celebrate this festival time. Anyway even next year we have to code and debug till we die thats our life but when it's come to party we must enjoy. Last weekend I met a person who is around late sixties so I asked him "what do you feel about a new year". He said "Life is all about dreams if you dont have any dreams you will feel life is boring and new year is a good time to forget your failures and start over with new dreams". So guys make new goals and make a good plan. All da best for 2006.

Merry Cristmas

It's party time for me. I just tought of get rid of all the work and go wild of fun. Anyway it is about to step in to another challenging year in life. Last few weeks were very tough on me. I had to migrate an old application to a new server and it was really a tough time since there was NO DOCUMENTATION what so ever. hummm... you want belive me I had to do lots of modification with out a trace. Sooooo it is time for some fun. Wish u all a Merry Cristmas and a very very happy new year.

Life ..... Any explanations

What is life and what is this world.... quite a bad question to ask from someone but have you ever think what is this all. I am thinking most of the time but I cant even nearly think a acceptable answer. If anybody have an answer please help me.
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