Sri Lankan Cricket Team's Indian Tour Schedule


Nov 8: Sri Lanka Team arrives at Mumbai.
Nov 11-13: 3-day Match at Ahmedabad Vs Board President`s XI.

Nov 16-20: First Test at Ahmedabad.
Nov 24-28: Second Test at Kanpur.
Dec 2-6: Third Test at Mumbai.

Dec 9: 1st Twenty20 at Mohali (D/N)
Dec 12 : 2nd Twenty20 Match in Nagpur (D/N).

Dec 15: 1st ODI against India at Rajkot.
Dec 18: 2nd ODI against India at Vizag (D/N).
Dec 21: 3rd ODI Match against India at Cuttack (D/N)
Dec 24: 4th ODI against India in Kolkata.
Dec 27: 5th ODI against India in Delhi (D/N).

Dec 28: Team departs.

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Reality of the Reality shows in Sri Lanka

I was watching "Derana Dream Star" on last Sunday (3rd October) and it was a judgment day for 12 contestants. By watching it for sometime I felt very much uncivilized about being a viewer on such a heartless show. The presenter was torchering those 12 young artists by keeping them on the edge for more than 45 minutes. It appeared that their intention was to cover the 1 hour allocated show time rather than just declaring the winners. Also it appeared to me it was like a fun game for the presenter. But sadly in the receiving end of that were those poor contestants and their relatives. They were marketing their tears and gloomy faces in a pathetic way and clearly it crosses the boundaries of a civilised society.

As we all know these shows are being following the footsteps of American Idol. Also some world famous talent shows like Britain's Got Talent. Which I happen to follow while I was in UK during this Summer. And when it comes to declaring winners it was really straight forward, I can remember in the final they did it within a minute. No unwanted dragging and so professional. If we are copying form them why we are not adapting good things, which is a very big question mark for me.
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