Reality of the Reality shows in Sri Lanka

I was watching "Derana Dream Star" on last Sunday (3rd October) and it was a judgment day for 12 contestants. By watching it for sometime I felt very much uncivilized about being a viewer on such a heartless show. The presenter was torchering those 12 young artists by keeping them on the edge for more than 45 minutes. It appeared that their intention was to cover the 1 hour allocated show time rather than just declaring the winners. Also it appeared to me it was like a fun game for the presenter. But sadly in the receiving end of that were those poor contestants and their relatives. They were marketing their tears and gloomy faces in a pathetic way and clearly it crosses the boundaries of a civilised society.

As we all know these shows are being following the footsteps of American Idol. Also some world famous talent shows like Britain's Got Talent. Which I happen to follow while I was in UK during this Summer. And when it comes to declaring winners it was really straight forward, I can remember in the final they did it within a minute. No unwanted dragging and so professional. If we are copying form them why we are not adapting good things, which is a very big question mark for me.

I found that most of the reality shows (there are more than 10 at the moment in different channels) are doing this and it is really ugly. It is time to stop this nonsense game otherwise the day that a person die on one of these stages is not too far.

Britain's Got Talent 2009 Final Results Video
American Idol 2009 Final Results Video


sumedha Obeysekera said...

They simply sell everything. Eventhough we can't go against the market system, at least we got to fight for some bearable limitations.

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