Cricket Commentators, Are they really expert?

We all know Cricket is a very unpredictable game. But have these so called expert commentators really understand that? Given the fact that most of them have played lot of cricket and matured with the game they should be seeing things beyond our view. Instead they predict things like armatures.

This actually starts with the pre-match discussion. They start by predicting the playing 11's and 8 out of 10 times they are wrong. Then comes the pitch report which is more disappointing. And through out the game they talk crap, One funny incident of such was, in a match between Sri Lanka and England in England, there was fielder placed in the deep point, Ian Botham was the commentator. He was saying " I cant understand why there is a deep point in place at this stage of the game". In the next ball batsman (Can't remember who he was) hit a shot straight to the throat of the deep point. And the poor fellow was wordless.

Before the beginning of T20 worldcup in England this year, Ian Chappel had tournament favourites India, Australia and South Africa. India and Australia were out even without making to the Super Eight. After that his favourites changed and it was South Africa who lost the Semi's to Pakistan. In the final he said it'll be Sri Lanka, which was actually Pakistan.

Now in the Champion trophy is also same thing is happening. The favourites are same teams, and South Africa lost their first game. They should understand Cricket is not predictable and stop being a joke to all the fans. Also they should be talking things that we don't understand about cricket by using their experience rather than trying to be Prophets.


Kamsy said...

Yesterday everyones favorites were Sri Lanka. Even after initial batting collapse of 17 for 4, Wasim Akram said anything beyond 160 would be tough for England. And all the others think like that. Look what happened in the end. Did they talk anything else other than how England will collapse until the later part of the innings. So pathetic.

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