Creative Christmas Advertisements

Here are few very creative Christmas advertisements,

Artificial Intelligance at its best : EpiSimdemics

US researchers are focusing on creating a simulation of movements of all 300 million Americans. This is a huge project and they are going to use this to predict contagious diseases, such as a flu epidemic, might spread through different regions. That is the first step but there can be lots of hidden agendas here. Anyway it is a very interesting work, lets see how its going to come out in the near future.

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Dooms Day 2012: Leaks Found in Earth's Protective Magnetic Field

Does the Dooms Day 2012 is going to be a reality???? I just saw this news post in the web and according to that, This field (Earth's Protective Magnetic Field) is protecting our planet from severe solar storms. And it has leaks in some unexpected locations. So according to NASA the bottom line is "When the next peak of solar activity comes, in about 4 years, electrical systems on Earth and satellites in space may be more vulnerable".
In about 4 years is very much close to 2012 December 21st, which is the date of Doomsday according to Mayans mythology. And if these leaks will get wider and the impact of the solar storms can be more severe than just an electric blackout. (Am I seeing Crocodiles in the basin???) So hope its time to go back to your prayers guys.

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