Indian's run feast against Pakistan

I was watching the sensational batting performance by Indian's yesterday over Pakistan. It was absolutely wonderful to watch. When Shewag and Suresh clearing the boundaries I was just wondering how big this ground is. But its Karachchi one of the biggest grounds. It was unbelievable, and there is no doubt that they have got some influence from IPL. And the other thing is 300 is no more a winning total in 50 over format. Everybody talks about T20 is killing 50 over cricket, but what I saw yesterday was 50 over cricket is improving from T20.
In the post match interview only I got to know that the Karachchi has 85 meter boundary and its so big. Anyway its wonderful batsmanship by Indians. Thanks a lot guys for the entertainment.

SQL Server 2008 RC 0

SQL server 2008 RC 0 is now can be downloaded from Microsoft website. But when I see the new fetures list, what I felt was its not a big step forward. Nothing much I could found other than some great marketing words.
Anyway below is the some statistics about Microsoft exams on SQL server;

According to Microsoft, as of early 2008:
· 149,590 people have received the SQL Server 2000 MCDBA certification (to be phased out in early 2009)
· 24,939 people have received the MCTS: SQL Server 2005 certification
· 4,006 people have received the MCITP: Database Administrator certification;
· 1,596 people have received the MCITP: Database Developer certification
· 801 people have received the MCTS: Business Intelligence certification.

So it's clearly droping isnt it.

Problem of debuging ASP.NET in VS

I came across with this issue while I was trying to debug a web service in VS. There are few things you have to look into if you come across something similar this.

1. Go to the properties of the particular website in IIS using inetmgr. Then go to the ASP.NET tab and set the .NET framework to the correct version.
2. In the directory security tab you have to check the Integrated Windows Authentication.
3. The other thing is related to IE browser. You have set Local Intranet authentication to either automatic login in the intranet zone or automatic login using uid and pass.

Hope this helps.

Nice Sri Lankan joke site

I came across a nice joke site today url is . This is from that site

At a party a Mervin S sees a beautiful girl and invitesher to dancewith him...
Mervin S : Can I dance with you?
The Girl : I'm sorry I'm a lesbian..
Mervin S : It's ok. It's ok.. I'm a THOMIAN

There are lots of cool jokes like this in the site. Enjoy ..

Sri Lankan Wedding rituals in the 16th Century

Sharp at the auspicious time his uncle brought the blade towards his cheek. He was going to have his first shave. He wore a grave look on his face, covered with the bristles of the first dawn of hair. He gulped once or twice and tried to stay still as his manhood was shaven off. He was seventeen. Tomorrow he would be getting married.
She stood on the pooruwa clad in the traditional Osari. Deep black eyes, young and innocent like the eyes of a doe, peered through the jewellery, worn to match those of the goddess Paththini. The black irises shone as brightly as the "thalla" on her forehead. As her uncle began to pour the water over their entwined fingers, she felt his arm brush against her. She glanced at him through the corner of her eye. She had not seen his face clearly yet. She only had a vague feeling that he was thin, had fair skin and curly black hair.
Lunch, called the "adara batha" (the meal of love), lasted for over three hours. The bride and the groom seated at the head of the table ate from the same plate. When he thought no one was looking, he pushed pieces of fish towards her. She took them timidly, but picked at her food. She found it an effort to mix the curries on her side of the plate and raise her hand towards her lips. The eyes of the entire table were on her, she thought.
The sound of the gunshots fired into the sky when she had first stepped onto the compound of her husband's house, still lingered in her ears as she was shown their bedroom. She sat at the edge of the bed and waited quietly for him. The black teak furniture gleamed in the light of the big kerosene lamp beside her. Outside, everything was quiet except for the never-ending chorus of a group of Citerns. He came in quietly and closed the door.
She turned towards him and saw his face for the first time. He had curly hair, a thin face and dark black eyes. He smiled down at her. She began to stand up. But he moved towards her, placed his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her back on to the bed. Seating himself beside her, he raised her chin towards him. She looked into his eyes and saw the gentle sparkle in them. Her heart began to beat rapidly. Strange emotions began to engulf her. She buried her head on his shoulder. His hand moved towards her hair. Slowly he began to loosen the knot tied to the nape of her neck. She could feel his fingers tremble as they encountered the thick black stresses.
The chatter of two squirrels in the garden announced to the world a new day had dawned. The door opened and her mother-in-law came in. The girl lay on the bed, her thin, lithe body wrapped in a white sheet. She looked as radiant as the flowers in the sal tree outside. He stood at the window with his back turned towards the two women. She recollected the night she had spent with him, when he had known her as only a man could know a woman. Now she got up and began to get dressed as her mother-in-law held her clothes and the white sheets to the sunlight, and examined them thoroughly.
From the curve of his cheeks, she could see her husband was smiling to himself. And she knew the same smile would be on her mother-in-law's face as she took a coin from her bosom and tied it to the edge of the bed sheet. The coin meant the girl had proven her virginity. She would be accepted into the family as the wife of their youngest son.
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Fuel price hike

The continues rise of fuel prices in Sri Lanka and around the world has made peoples life very uncomfortable. It's really affects largely to countries like us. Either you are rich or poor, it has some serious impact. So what are the practical solutions we can think of.
I think the best thing we can do at the moment as a country is to reduce the consumption. Government also has a big part to play here. If you look at a road at any time in Colombo what you will definitely notice is lots of cars, vans and big buses around. Some cars are just to satisfy one persons traveling requirement. Also buses lots of them, I think we have to go for a better public transportation than this. Trains are the best solution also a boat service. But I am very surprised why any of these government hasn’t take any initiatives towards this. Just imagine having a tunnel train service for at least Colombo city limit. This will definitely save lots of money and time for us. I think most of the people will use Public transport if it is up to that standard.
So without fighting over facts that we cannot change we have to think out of the box here. And implement these things asap. Otherwise we will be waiting till oil comes out of our sea forever.
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