Fuel price hike

The continues rise of fuel prices in Sri Lanka and around the world has made peoples life very uncomfortable. It's really affects largely to countries like us. Either you are rich or poor, it has some serious impact. So what are the practical solutions we can think of.
I think the best thing we can do at the moment as a country is to reduce the consumption. Government also has a big part to play here. If you look at a road at any time in Colombo what you will definitely notice is lots of cars, vans and big buses around. Some cars are just to satisfy one persons traveling requirement. Also buses lots of them, I think we have to go for a better public transportation than this. Trains are the best solution also a boat service. But I am very surprised why any of these government hasn’t take any initiatives towards this. Just imagine having a tunnel train service for at least Colombo city limit. This will definitely save lots of money and time for us. I think most of the people will use Public transport if it is up to that standard.
So without fighting over facts that we cannot change we have to think out of the box here. And implement these things asap. Otherwise we will be waiting till oil comes out of our sea forever.


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