SQL Server 2008 RC 0

SQL server 2008 RC 0 is now can be downloaded from Microsoft website. But when I see the new fetures list, what I felt was its not a big step forward. Nothing much I could found other than some great marketing words.
Anyway below is the some statistics about Microsoft exams on SQL server;

According to Microsoft, as of early 2008:
· 149,590 people have received the SQL Server 2000 MCDBA certification (to be phased out in early 2009)
· 24,939 people have received the MCTS: SQL Server 2005 certification
· 4,006 people have received the MCITP: Database Administrator certification;
· 1,596 people have received the MCITP: Database Developer certification
· 801 people have received the MCTS: Business Intelligence certification.

So it's clearly droping isnt it.


Sanjaya said...

Obtaining Microsofy qualifications is ok as some paper qualification. But what is important for the person who achieves the qualification is to get the technical knowladge and getting it without just going through a braindump and sitting for the exams.
Most importantly every time the Microsoft introduce new technology we have to either upgrade our certification or we have to do it from the begining.
So at the end Bill Gates will be in the top 10 list of worlds richest people.

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