Sri Lanka's Ethnic conflict

First of all I must say I hate politics. But at the moment my county is at war because of political madness. Majority of the Colombo community is jubilant by the war, but for me no matter who gets most of the kills at the end of the day we have lost HUMANS. I really disappointed about the way things happening around me. What I seen every where is growing disappointment in Tamils, Sinhalese as well as Muslims. I believe this can drive us in to a major conflict than what we have now. One of my friend told me in England, inside of some Tamil dominated restaurants they have banned using Sinhala. Everyday both LTTE and SL Forces kill some people for both parties they have good solid reasons (everything is humanitarian missions) but what about the people who get stuck in between?

I have one of my cousin work in Sri Lankan Airforce Palali camp and I know how hard for their parents and relatives to bare it. Every news which says about LTTE attacks are brings them sleepless nights. I think some fundamentalists in down south of the Island does not feel this as they always cry out for blood.

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