Loosing can become a painful habit

I was just watching our(Sri Lankan) Cricket team under performing in back to back ODI's. It was really painful to watch. Cant believe this was the team went so close to win the World cup few months back. It was more painful to watch how Sanga, Mathews struggle to just hit the ball to a gap and grab a single. Just simply everything is wrong.

No big expectations guys just score more than 250 in next three matches that's enough.

Stored Procedures

I was surprised, however, when a Does Not Compete happened during an interview for a database developer position. My question was fairly straightforward: tell me about your experience with stored procedures.

“I’m very familiar actually,” the candidate answered, “I’m currently working at Home Depot because I’ve had a hard time finding developer work, and everything there has a procedure, and there are so many forms to fill out. If you want to use the forklift to help a customer, you have to get it approved by your supervisor.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond, and that was OK. He just kept going, and going and going, describing in painful detail what his day-to-day duties were. Finally, he finished with “and that’s my experience with Store Procedure.”

The interview didn’t go very far after that.

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