Microsoft CRM 3 Report Customization

When I was doing some customizations on standard CRM 3 reports I found that it is much difficult to edit existing complex Datasets. Visual Studio 2005 IDE itself does not support to edit these complex datasets in Query builder. So it is really a headache to edit the SQL statements instead. The really bad thing is if you manage to change the SQL statements (which is a nightmare) when you trying to save the dataset VS 2005 get stuck (most of the time) or will take lots of time (actually more than that).

So I went mad trying to do this tedious work. Finally found a work around which is worth sharing. Inside SQL Reporting services, report file(.rdl) is actually XML file which contains connection details, dataset queries, reporting fields and every detail which required generating the report. So what I did was editing this XML file, but one thing you should remember is never try to understand the XML file. Just find the required query you want to edit and change it and save the XML file. Now you can open the dataset it in the VS and modify the report.

Happy coding..


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