On the way to work

It was a just another working day. I got into a 122 bus from Maharagama and everything was quite normal till the bus came in to Wijerama Junction.

At Wijerama two people from a bus which was coming behind came in to our bus and started a argument with the Conductor of the bus which I was in. It has something to do with the regular races they have. It got little hotter and started a fight. Boy it was disgusting people in the bus were shocked. The conductor of the bus which I was in had a good share of hits from those two fellows, apparently those two were passenger (may be regular) of that bus. There was a Buddhist monk in our bus as well, he was really helpless together with all the other passengers.

Then again bus started to move and while the buses are going parallel they started scolding at each other and also throwing things between the buses. We, passengers were helpless and the fighter never gave a damn about us. It was a typical fast moving fighting scene from a movie, and I was living inside the movie. Again near a police station one of the fighters from the other bus came in to our bus and started a fight again, I rushed in to the police station and complained about the incident to the Police man who was at the gate. Understandingly he couldn't come because his priority was to guard the gate. And there was another policeman who is just coming to work, and he came with me. But he had no intention of cooling down the
situation, even infront of him the both parties were scolding at each other in filth. Then again buses started to move while the conductor of our bus calling to all of his friends for help using his mobile to kill his revivals. That is technology at its best use. And at last I managed to reach my destination.

It was like being in a Hindi movie. It simply had everything heroes, villains, action, adventure, jokers and little romance from the couple sitting in front of me. At the end I thought what a eventfull country this is, where else you can have such a eventfull way to work. I simply proud to be a Sri Lankan.


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