Why Prabakaran's dead body is the key to end the War

I personally was never a believer of the concept of "Every Tamil is a LTTE supporter". There are so many examples I could gather from Tamil friends I had and I have in Sri Lanka. I have now been in UK for 2 weeks and my belief has totally changed. I met few of my tamil friends, one of them is a very known one from the school times. We used to talk about LTTE, Elam and the tamil sinhala issue from those days. I always have put him among my POSITIVE examples to not to say EVERY TAMIL IS A LTTE SUPPORTER. I spent few hours with him talking about the current situation. I couldn't believe my ears that I am hearing all those stuff from him. He said this is never going to be over and he quoted a lot of examples such as "where are all these air crafts, weapons, ships" etc. From my heart I knew that he was trying to pretend this is not over. Anyway I was shocked by his change over, he believes they can start it all over and from his words I would suggest he will personally commit to that.

I was so upside down and couldn't believe how he is changed. He was here for more than 5 years and either that changed him or he kept his all the thoughts to him self and showed a different face in Sri Lanka.

Lets say it is an isolated case, I talked to two of other tamil friends of mine who always used to say Prabakharan is a killer, and there is no real issue for Tamils in Sri Lanka. But now they believe Prabakaran brought hope to sri lankan tamils to fight the struggles they faced from Sinhalase.

So is every tamil in Sri Lanka pretending that they hate LTTE? Do they like them secretly somewhere from inside their conscious? Given a chance to open up their own view in another country will they actullay support them? I am not sure about this, but I was so sure it is not when I was in Sri Lanka. But now I am totally confused.

After experiencing all these I had little bit of thinking on this. Then I thought what would happen if the SLA could not find Prabakaran, at least his dead body. It will add an inspirational mystery to his story like Hitlor's. Remaining leaders can easily use this to motivate others to say he is still alive and operating from somewhere. This will give HOPE to all the ealamist all over the world.I would suggest there are nearly half a million of them all around the world, may be more than that. If he manage to either escape or to destroy his body all the bloodshed our forces did will be in vain. There will be another VERSION of this again for sure. What I belive is finding Prabakaran Dead or Alive is the winning factor of this war.


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sumedha Obeysekera said...

I think, there are two distinct categories in the issue..One is the tamil people who really live in SL soil and they really want peace since they are fedup with War & etc.

When it comes to the international areana, it is a different story. It is a fight to get a country for Tamils, which is a large community in the world who doesn't have a country.

Sometimes, a tamil person could leave the first group and rejoin the second group soon after they go to a developed country.

We simple can cater the Tamils in SL, but there is no answer for the second category.

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