Time Travel on the Web

Time travelling is one of the most fascinating concepts in the world of science fictions. Is time travel possible in the real world? This is a question which most of us would have asked from our selves at least once in our life. Anyway it will be a question without a proper answer for another few decades or more.

At least it has become a reality for the web. Yes you can do travel through time in the web. For a example if you want to go to yahoo.com as it was in 1998, it is really possible  with the Way Back Machine. The internet archive a non-profit organization is having the worlds biggest digital library of web archives. Apart from the way back machine they also do provide various other tools to analyze the web archive for researchers, students and general public for free.

So go ahead and play around with the Way Back Machine http://web.archive.org/collections/web/advanced.html



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