How to make your PDF files speak in Acrobat Reader

If you ever wondered how to make your PDF files speak, there is a very simple way of doing this. This has been there since the version 6.0 of Acrobat Reader.

First you have to press "Shift + Ctrl + V", this will enable Read Out Loud function in acrobat reader. Now you will see Read Out Loud menu item under View menu. In this you can select the reading options, alternativly you can start/stop reading using following key combination;

Shift + Ctrl + B- Read the whole document
Shift + Ctrl + V - Read the current page only
Shift + Ctrl + C- Pause
Shift + Ctrl + E- Stop

The voice will be your choosen voice in the text to speach section in the control panel. You can download alternative voices from here for free .

This is really cool and  a very helpful feature.



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