Ajantha Mendis : Rising of a Legend

I was so fascinated to watch Medis in action yesterday against India. It was a while since we saw Sri Lankan Cricket team doing this well in a competition. Followed by Jayasooriya's brilliant innings in the upfront it was all Mendis show. Following are the few interesting comments I found :
"It was like you were playing something else, and the ball was something else. I won't really blame the batsman, we couldn't pick the deliveries. If you see our bowling, it was the best bowling line-up we could offer when we wanted one more extra batsman in the side. They tried their best and we could have got 274 but for the Mendis factor." - MS. Dhoni
"I wonder how good he was as a kid at carrom. Take the "red" boy!" - Crickinfo Live Scorer on Mendis
"We had never played him before. We had only seen videos and you can visualise and all, but he was difficult to pick out there in the middle. We never had any real reply against him." - MS Again
"A mystery spinner he has been thus far. The mystery is now out in the open and every batsman is out to solve it. The real challenge for Mendis, of uncertain categorization, to maintain that secrecy, begins now. " -Osman Samiuddin
"Dhoni, whose innings stood out for its sensible approach, was mesmerised even at the press-conference. For every question demanding explanations for the defeat, he the same answer: Mendis." - Sidharth Monga
'The 23-year-old plays his cricket for the Sri Lankan army. I suggest he's going to make a right officers' mess of hundreds of international batsmen's stumps in years to come" - Sportingo's Mark Rivlin


sumedha Obeysekera said...

Yep..he is going to be a legend.

Anonymous said...

They come, make money and they go after wasting lot of our time and energy which we could have done something useful. you are all being used dont you seeeeeeeeeeeee

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