JR the Savior for Sri Lankan Politicians

There are lots of controversies regarding yesterday’s mass strike planned by opposition parties. But as a whole it was a failure even though Mr. Lal Kantha says it was a trial run. And once again Mahinda Rajapaksha government was able to come out of the trouble.
As far as I think people had 1980 July incident in back of their mind and that’s what made this a failure. So it’s another instance where JR's tactic has paid out for this generation of politicians. We have heard lots of people(even presidential candidates) blaming for Executive presidency as well but all these time each and every President has benefited from that. So the things he did still count well being for today’s politicians. He has done his part in the history for the politicians to survive for another decade or two. Also he has ruined our chances to develop as a country by making stupid decisions which we haven’t reverse even after more than 30 years. And we have no hope those will happen in the future as well. All together we are a hopeless nation with bunch of selfish politicians.

Cartoon by Dasa for Lankadeepa says it all


sumedha Obeysekera said...

Strikes are becoming old fashion method by now.. even doctors find it hard to win something through a strike. Our civil society is no more a civil society! People don’t believe in such actions! Sri Lanka itself contains not only bunch of selfish politicians, but a bunch of selfish members of the society. No one cares what happens in next door.. such a society don’t believe in community actions as a fact.

Few Other facts that made the strike un-successful;

- I think most Sinhala people think War is happening in the proper manner & this the time they should support it
- Government tried to relate the strike with LTTE actions
- Lal Kantha tried to be the sole-representative of the strike; JVP’s popularity is decreasing these days.
- People don’t like to work for other people’s political agenda
- Everybody knew government can’t give 5000 with current financial situation.
- Mahinda’s image is still a very big one than Lal Kantha’s

I think I have experiences on strikes & its philosophy behind.. I have got personally victimized for such consequences when both my mother & father lost their jobs in 1980!

sumedha Obeysekera said...
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Anonymous said...

Why did you delete the comment before kamsy?.. did that hury your feelings???????????????..

Anyway nice to see that you write about a president who most of the sri lankans don't like.I don't care what the other people say regarding this fellow, He is a genius to me.Look at the things that todays politicians do.They go on scolding this fellow, but they also are following his footsteps. they cannot change anything that JR did.

They should stop going back in time to kill the image of people who are already dead and start living with their lives. But we are sinhalease know.We will never do that.........

Zaida said...

Interesting to know.

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